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Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

A confident smile projects a positive image in your professional and personal life.

Our Smile Gallery is designed to help you picture the end result of the various treatments. Please view the following before and after photos of real-life patients of Ashton Dental.

Case 1

Smile makeover with porcelain crowns to restore chipped, broken and discoloured teeth.

smile 01 Smile Gallery

Case 2

Smile makeover to cosmetically rearrange long and discoloured teeth with ceramic crowns.

smile 02 Smile Gallery

Case 3

Worn dentition requiring full mouth rehabilitation with porcelain crowns implants and composite resin build ups.

smile 03 Smile Gallery

Case 4

Restoring function and aesthetics to worn and decayed teeth.

smile 04 Smile Gallery

Case 5

Cosmetic makeover with porcelain crowns and veneers.

smile 05 Smile Gallery

Case 6

Single tooth implant to replace missing front tooth.

smile 06 Smile Gallery

Case 7

Single implant to replace missing right hand side tooth.

smile 07 Smile Gallery

Case 8

2 missing front teeth replaced with implants and all ceramic crowns.

smile 08 Smile Gallery

Case 9

2 front teeth dental implants with all ceramic crowns after 5 years.

smile 09 Smile Gallery